My (nick) name is utchanovsky (you can call me uchan), I'm staying in (near) Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia. Graduate from Indonesian Language and Literary Department, State University of Jakarta. I've worked at Sindo Daily and freelance worker at Info komputer Magazine as proof reader (both in 2007-2008). And now, since 2008, developing Indokreasi Multimedia.

Although my majority derived from language and literature, I'm able to use a variety of multimedia software, such Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, FL Studio and Cakewalk (both audio and video can be seen on my portfolio). I'm also have an ability to developing a site using WordPress and Joomla CMS supported with little ability of PHP, HTML, and CSS.

My favourite quotation was taken from a song titled Misread from Kings of Convinience, "The loneliest people were the ones who always spoke the truth". We know that major media is controlled by certain groups only, so I believe the truth will never be voiced aloud. Since then, I really enjoy the conversation about rage against domination.

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