Why Facebook Buy Whatsapp? We Can Free Download it Afterall?

That’s was my friend respond on my Facebook account after I share an article about Whatsapp were acquired by Facebook. “Why Facebook buy whatsapp? We can free download it after all?”.

Funny isn’t huh :mrgreen: ? the article were seriously talk about buying a business (big business), that mean it were involve many assets, such employee, company brand, costumer reach, etc. And my friend simply saying something like that. 😆

facebook beli whatsapp

But it makes me thing about something, what did Facebook plan by acquiring Whatsapp company? They already have their own internet messenger, and it’s more sophisticated since it support video chat.

I think, Facebook taking a great movement by acquire Whatsapp. Right now, Whatsapp had about 419 million users all around the world. Those number beat another IM users, such Facebook IM itself and Gtalk by Google.

Soon or later, we can see many Facebook stuff delivered into Whatsapp users. There’s many plan for Facebook to widespread their business, and make it a new mobile platform advertising.


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