Enabling IPv6 on Debian Machine (via Tunnel)

I really don’t care about IPv6 since the current technology doesn’t obstruct me from my online activity. But since my account were approved for free VPS by vps.me, it seems I have to use IPv6 connectivity.

After “Googling on Bing”, I finaly found that there’s a simple method to enable IPv6 on my Debian machine via tunnel. All I have to do is install a small program, which call Miredo. This is the simple method to enabling IPv6.

test IPv6

To install it, run your favorit console and type:
sudo su
You’ll be prompt to enter your root password. Write down the password and press [Enter]. Then type again in console
apt-get install miredo

To test if your IPv6 were function well (or not), visit this site: test-ipv6.com. Since the IPv6 connectivity were done using tunnel, I’m not wonder if my machine only got 7 from 10.

Btw, this is my latest post in 2013. On this occasion I would like to say Happy New Year



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