Simple Logic For Egypt Case

A growing number of Islamic ideologies in Egypt makes the tragedy that is happening become more confusing. Many uncertain news and slander spread so fast.

But I’ll give some simple logic to understand about the situation. I don’t care about those ideology over there and it’s all about justice and humanity.

This is my simple logic:

moslem massacre

You have a great laptop, you bought it legally from a store. On your way home, suddenly a thief come and steal your laptop. You fight the thief, but unfortunately you got lose in the fight.

So you are trying to get it back, but the thief are far more stronger than you. Even worst, he persecute you so bad until you can not stand anymore.

People near you only see, and they don’t want to help you. They have some reason which make they don’t want to help you at all. Here is the reason:

  • Come on dude, The new laptop installment paid 51% only. If you let it, there will be no violence.
  • The laptop only paid 51%. Means you are not 100% owned because the robber was also entitled for it.
  • Sorry, it looks like the robber come from your hometown as well. I would be sinning if I went along to help you. Let it be a sin you both.
  • I do not want to get involved, since the laptop was not mine. I do not want to be ridden by the affairs and interests.
  • F*ck it man, you’ve insulted my laptop the other day. So accept it!
  • Come on, it’s only a laptop. Yesterday, there’s a car lost and no one cares!
  • It’s all your fault. Why you buy it cash? If you buy it using credit system, your laptop must have insurance.

Whatever the reason, you have to help somebody who are being robbed. At the very least, if you are feeling weak, you could screaming to call the police.

If you do not like him, at least you do not have to insult his attempt to reclaim the laptop. Remain silent is a great choice for you.


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