No I'm Not Quit

After do some blog walk yesterday, I found many blogger has a sigh about their blogging situation. Yes I know the situation were different nowadays, there’s no blogging atmosphere like before in year 2008 until 2011.

At that time, blogwalking isn’t spam activity and we really enjoy interact with other. We visit some blogger and leave a respons, they also visit us back to give respons. Pure share and left some thought, also gain other perspective.

playing guitar

Sheila on 7 was an icon, and now they are over. Yesterday, we know Dewa 19 with Ari Lasso, and now that group event not exist anymore. Yes indeed, situation change. Right now is JKT48 and Cherrybelle era.

But I believe there’s a metamorph about us, yes it is we change. I’m not quit, still a blogger, but in different kind way. Still have a target to write, one post per day. But in different way. Not talking as personal, and more niche.

Padi is over, but they are now Musikimia. If you don’t mind, you can always visit my other blog at


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