Upgrade Your Gingerbread Android to Jelly Bean

Some handset provider give an update to their customer with the latest software. Just do some few click, downloading the update, and finally install it. But, not all handset provider giving update to their users.

Even worst, handset provider it’s also don’t provide any driver for their handset hardware. Meanwhile, upgrading into the latest version sometimes mean using new kernel.


If your vendor didn’t give firmware driver for the latest kernel, that mean your handset has been abandoned. It’s because, your hardware can’t function well (or even not work) in new kernel.

Some community trying to reverse the driver and make it compatible with new kernel, but it’s not always work. In this situation, the vendor seems force their users to replace their handset with new product.

Don’t worry, you can still upgrade your Gingerbread Android into Jelly Bean version. It’s not upgrade the kernel and software overall, but we only change the interface into Jelly Bean version. Here’s the step:


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