The Best Browser According to Me

Chrome gain more popularity nowadays, and people really love it because it’s fast and light to open many web page.

In the previous time, Firefox were the king of browser, because they provide an ability to support modern web technology, rather than their competitors such IE and Opera.


Now everything was change. Firefox facing their new competitors, Google Chrome, and yes it’s support by big company (Google). Meanwhile, IE continue to improve their feature and also support modern web technology, such CSS3 and HTML5.

But if you ask me, what is the best browser for me, I’ll definitly choose Firefox. Why? Because it has many built in feature for advanced user.

If you press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[M], Firefox (since version 15) will give you responsive design tools. Not only that, if you press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[I], Firefox will give you 3D inspection tools to analyze an web page.


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