Why Image Hotlinking Is Bad For Your Web

Sometimes after reading an article in the internet, inspiration suddenly appear and we want to rewrite and extend the topic into new article.

Sometimes we also taking the image illustration which used in the article and put it on our. This activity (taking image from other website and embed it into our website) is called hot linking.


And the implementation on the HTML code would be like this:

This is the normal image embed

And this is hotlink image embed

Hot linking giving bad affect, because we steal other web server resource bandwidth. We also screw others website visitor stats because their image location are on our sites, in fact there was no actual visit at all to their site’s.

Hotlinking is also bad for your website. If other website owner notice that their image was hot linked by you, he can strike back and replace the current images with some porn or disgusting image.

At that time, your website will display the image replacement (which display porn or disgusting image), and it could lead your website into banned or not safe state because displaying bad content.

So, Think back again before you hotlink other’s website images.


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