The Reduction of Learning Activity

Cheating in learning activity, such as plagiarism and do exact 100% copy is often happened. We cannot blame the student for doing that, but we must know the condition that makes it happen in our formal education system.


Giving a task after learning process is an activity to know how much student absorb the material. This is what it called evaluation in learning process. In the learning process, evaluation isn’t the main point.

Nowadays, the learning mechanism makes the evaluation process is the main point. And the effect, the learning activity reduced because the passing grade. The reduction is, people learn not to be smart, but to pass the grade level.

I am not saying evaluation is not important at all. Evaluation is one of the other processes in learning activity. The problem is, how the country designs the curriculum, because the curriculum designing the learning process mechanism.

Next time I’ll write about curriculum, but maybe I need to do some research first 🙂


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