Leave Alone and Die: Windows Mobile

We know that Microsoft were completely moved to their new operating system, Windows Phone. That mean, Microsoft abandon it’s old mobile operating system, Windows Mobile. Because of that, many built-in program became obsolete and not worked.

One of phone which still use Windows Mobile operating system is Samsung GT-B6520 Omnia PRO 5. This phone were launched on October 2010, along with the emerging of many Android phones.

Too bad that Microsoft Abandoning this cellphone because Microsoft prefers to develop their new brand to face Android and iOS in smartphone war. That’s pity because this phone has all the facilities to become a great smartphone.

Samsung GT-B6520 has 3G data connection, WiFi connection, and GPS interface. The input device it self is still using QWERTY, with 320 x 240 screen resolution.

Next I will create list about third party apps that worked with this phone


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