I Don't Care Tablet

Tablet computer devices becoming popular nowadays. But I tell you, I don’t care about that stuff (maybe I will change my mind if somebody give me :-p ). Back to the topic, I’m from Indonesian, and I’ll give some reason why I don’t interested in using tablet.


The Indonesian have a ritual taking the oath of office, especially as state employees by using their holly religious book. If you are Muslim, you will be sworn in with the Koran holy book. If you are Christian, you will be sworn in with the Bible, and so on for other faiths.

The ritual it self isn’t a problem, but how the position of the holy book when the sworn ritual taken. You stood up, then someone behind you shade your head with the holy book. Then, you follow the readings oath dictated to you. The illustration would be like this:

And now, imagine when you taking a picture using tablet.

Taking a picture using iPad would make you like state officials. Meanwhile, the officials state in Indonesia have a very bad image because corruption case


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