Native 64bit Windows Application

I’ve got some new PC hardware in my office. Using 8GB of RAM, this PC definitely need 64bit operating system. I prefers to use Crunchbang Linux 64bit installed on that machine, but my office need Windows OS to use a scanner hardware which come with Windows software and driver only. So, it seems I have to use Windows 64bit operating system installed on it.


After installing Windows 7 64bit, offcourse I have to use 64bit software to gain some more performance. Here a create list which I found on the internet about native 64bit application for Windows 64bit OS:

  1. Compress-uncompress tools
    7zip 64bit (free)
  2. Media Player
    Media Player Classic 64bit (free)
  3. Audio Player
    Small Player (free)
  4. PDF Reader
    Nitro PDF reader (not free).
  5. Browser
    – Waterfox is Firefox variant with 64bit support system (free)
    – Opera Next 64bit (free)
  6. Torrent client
    BitComet (free)
  7. AntiVirus
    AVG Antivirus 64bit (after I check on task manager, the AVG interface interface it self still use the 32bit). So I prefers to use Microsoft Security Essential (free).
  8. Virtual Machine
    Oracle VM VirtualBox (it has small installation size and free).
  9. Disc Burner
    Infra Recorder, which able to burn iso file (free)
  10. Hard disk defragmenter
    UltraDefrag (free)
  11. Junk file cleaner
    CCleaner (free)

For Office suit, I still hope that LibreOffice developer will launch it’s native 64bit versions, although their application right now support both 32 and 64 operating system. For other office suite alternative, Microsoft Office 2010 64bit were available too.



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