Syndrome of Indonesian Government's: End of The Year Activity

I don’t watch TV often. Usually I just watch some football or news in the morning. But this is Weekend, and I like to stay at home. This is an exception situation, so I watch TV a lot. Guest what, many TV advertisement comes from the government department (Kementrian) and State-owned Enterprises (BUMN). Those are advertisements I’ve been caught:

  • Renewal energy from LIPI (Dedy Mizwar and Komarudin Hidayat).
  • BOS and PAUD program from Department of Education and Culture.
  • 54th years of Pertamina – spread energy into remote area.
  • Social Department for “Who Are You? (we are same)”.
  • BNPT for counter terorism (haha, watch Zeitgeist or Arrivals on Youtube for this).
  • Energy and Mineral Source (ESDM) for not using the subsidize gas.

Maybe you don’t aware about this. Or, you’ll say that I’m very tendentious for writing this post. I tell you, this is absolutely waste money program in end of the year. Those ads were playing everyday in TV station. You wouldn’t see it often in early year.

Why? Enjoy Endonezwah then, the Republic of Liar. Enough said.


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