Kemane Aje Lu?


I’m still fully laugh of loud reading this news article. The increasing number of PNS (country labour) at election season isn’t surprising at all. Many of the employee is unprofessional and untrained. Not only the number increased, the budget for kind of “tunjangan” for those PNS also increased. No wonder after the election period end, many PNS receive pay cuts for their salary.


Here another laugh of loud news article. Yes it is still not surprising at all. We know how SBY and Budiono style running these country. They claim to do economy for the poor, but in fact they were neoliberal activist. The neolib economic style is a request from uncle SAM. The involvement of America in this country show us one thing, we (Indonesia) are not sovereign at all.

Both of those news article can be more read here:

Last word for this,
“kemane aje lu??”

kemane aje lu


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