Blacklist Google Search List Result, Fight against Spammer

Google search engine has been our daily activity in internet. Everyday we use it to get any information from internet. But nowadays, many people do some cheat activity by stealing others content site’s. Usually those thieves using auto generate content and search term tagging tools to make Google search result went into their site.

Higher traffic mean higher visitor. Put some ads, people click it, money comes easily into their account. They claimed to be a internet marketer, but they are nothing more than a trickster. Worse, some of them use the free service to do those spamming activity. That’s why Google banned free (sub) domain services, such and

As a regular user, it doesn’t mean we are weak. We can fight back, and together as a community we can change it. I will show you how to fight those “internet marketer” scammer.

  1. Click as many ads (adsense kinda type) on their site. Google will detect it as fraud click and their account will be ban.
  2. Submit their site’s as spam using Google spam report.
  3. Using firefox to browse the net? You can use Greasemonkey add-ons and install Google Hit Hider by Domain script. You can block a scam site’s in Google SERP.


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