Blogging Platform, Why Why

Blogspot vs WordPress

If somebody asks me about, “what is the best platform for blogging between and Blogspot”, I‘ll said that it would be relative to person who use it. Relative? Like what? OK, I will classifying a blogger kinda type.

First, if you blogging with simple task, such write a post and give some picture illustration on it, I prefers to choose WordPress. Blogspot administration content is only write post, give it label, and publish it. Meanwhile, WordPress has more facilities in content management, like distinguish write page as a static page and post as looping page, sticky post, etc. WordPress also have a category for classifying post and tags to make it more classified.

Second, if you do some marketing activities, which is need popularity for your site, I choose WordPress (again). WordPress has a very great SEO feature because it’s easy for Google to index it, rather than Blogspot sites.

Third, if you plan to monetizing your blog, then Blogspot is for you. disabling it’s users to insert javascript on their blog, so users unable to add some adsense script into their blog (which is need javascript).

Four, if you love to customizing blog design, then Blogspot is the best. It has template customization feature. Many people provide templates for Blogspot on internet. Advanced users can modifying HTML and CSS code, also add some javascript effect.

So, what your blogging purpose?  😉


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