5 reasons why Ubuntu isn't ready for "human beings"

kaskusActually, This is just a parody about Ubuntu with their slogan, “Linux for Human Beings”. Isn’t ready yet term in this post refers to situation in the country of Indonesia. Source in this post refers to a post by member in kaskus forum (which you can access here). Well, this is five reasons why Ubuntu isn’t ready yet for humang being 😆 .



  1. Ubuntu will be such a tortoise when installed into Pentium III processor with 192MB or ram, unlike the fast-Microsoft Windows XP.
  2. Do not install Ubuntu if you live in a remote village. It because you’ll need the Internet to download the codecs and drivers.
  3. Ubuntu is not taught in public schools, who taught precisely windows (maybe when using open source, ‘the leaders’ will be difficult to corruption)
  4. Connect the point above, do not expect government support wholeheartedly Ubuntu, because the ‘Parliament’ is not clever to use microsoft excel, moreover when they told to use open office
  5. At last… rampant piracy would make Ubuntu collapsed because people would have chosen to use pirated Windows XP rather than Ubuntu.?


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