Things you must to do after leaving your FOSS OS into Windows OS on your computer.


In general usage on your computer, if you leave FOSS Operating System into Windows Operating System, you will face this list of situation. General usage in this term mean browsing activity, playing multimedia (audio-video) file, and do job with office application. Well, this is list things you must to do after leaving your FOSS OS into Windows OS on your computer.

  1. First step after installing OS on your computer with Windows XP or Windows 7, You’ll need to install driver for your peripheral.
  2. The second, you’ll definitely need AntiVirus software and other kind supplement.
  3. And then, for doing your job, you need an office suite, multimedia application, etc. You will acquire those software in many ways (you can not work either using Windows’s notepad).
    – Download and buy it.
    – Find an official retail software CD seller in your town.
    – Download and find it crack and patch
    – Find a cracked CD software on computer store near your town.
    – Download replacement software, using freeware or FOSS.
  4. Because you’ve installing many many program, you realize that your computer became heavy and uncomfortable to use. Maybe defragment your hard drive will fix this.
  5. After long way down defragmenting, there’s no significant change in system performance. You scan it using an AntiVirus, and found that a virus causes your system performance degradation and became heavy.
  6. Work force you to continue using your computer, until eventually you are confronted with the following situation, BSOD.
  7. Frustrating on this condition, reinstall your OS seems the only choose. But, that could be hell if you forgot to backup your data in early time, because a virus has destroy it 😆



this post were inspired from kaskus forum


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