Today Fasnet (Firstmedia) Sent a New Bill of Charge

This is not review post :p

With their slogan, “Jadilah yang Terdepan”, Firstmedia force their customer to upgrade their internet package usage. The minimum speed package before was 384kbps, and now their upgrade the minimum speed package into 512kbps, also the price. Shit, I don’t want to be “yang terdepan” in this situation. Maybe they mean, pay more in front of the other???


I will evaluate this new billing of charge for 2 or 3 month, and compare it with my usage. The evaluation criteria will be according to need of speed, download requirement, and their service. On April, sure I’ll need to download Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, wich kind of the great series of Ubuntu release (LTS mean, Long Term Support). The must have distro GNU/Linux.

After that, I’ll fully move into SMART Telecom which is has an half charge than Fastnet bill of charge, with the same speed package. Ofcourse SMART isn’t though enough than Fastnet, but what I want right now is just simply browse.

Is that mean, goodbye for Fastnet? Will see.


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