When Your Computer Doesn't Help You at All

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Have you ever in this situation, you have a job who’s very urgent and need to be finished soon as possible? Your job is very related to computer, and you really need a reliable computer system to support your job. Suddenly, at that time, your computer went down and displaying a black screen with blinking underscore character on top, without CPU light activity.  Or sometimes, it displaying a blue screen with some alphabet character which you don’t understand about it at all.

Some people will blaming you as a computer user. You are careless, stupid, and didn’t updating antivirus software. In other way, you didn’t feel doing anything fault. You just open your document file as usual, browsing on Internet, open your email, download program.

But that was not true. I will blame your computer operating system.


Because you see nothing

Set your computer operating system with GNU/Linux

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