The Unsynchronized Telkom Bill's Payment Site

Once again, this is not a paid-review post. This blog doesn’t do such subjective thing 😳 :peace:

Today (5 November 2009) my mom have a plan to pay our home telephone bill. Then, she go to the nearest post office (yep, the telephone bill can be paid at post office). At the payment counter, my mom have a little surprise with total amount of bill. It increase three times than usually.

Little bit curious with the amount bill, she need to know the detail phone usage. The counter officer said that, if she want to check the usage, she must go to Telkom Office. At that time, my mom doesn’t have much time to do that. She must go to her office for an important meeting.

In the afternoon, I search at internet to find out if I can print the telephone bill via Telkom home page site. I found the address to check telephone bill which you can visit in this link. You must know your customer number and off course your telephone number.

I Fill the customer number and telephone number (include the code area) in the form. Voila, the site said that my telephone bill for November isn’t available yet. That surprising enough. Their bill can be accessed at counter system, but it can not on their site.

Well, that’s mean, they don’t have a synchronize system between their billing system and the internet bill information. Isn’t that a little humiliate for a large scale company such Telkom?

The November Bill’s mean the telephone usage in October, so we pay it on November after October end.


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