The Ridiculous CPNS Test Result at Depdiknas

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I really don’t understand about mechanism of announcement CPNS test result at Depdiknas yesterday (end of October 2009). To find the result, you must download a pdf file which amount size about 3-4MB. And I think you can guess what happen, yep the site server went down. I can download the file after midnight (is about 2.00am).

I’m a little bit curious about the size of file. After I open it, I found that it only contain 3 sheet. The ridiculous part is, I found the file was make by image format and converted into pdf file. That’s why the size was so big. Why don’t use a text format (doc-rtf) and convert it into pdf?

Imagine, you were bother to download big size file which contain only 3-4 sheet of information. Worst, you can not use command to find some word in those documents (using CTRL+F) because there’s no text. It just a plain image (which contain a text of test result).

As we know that, our internet infrastructure isn’t good at all. Downloading a 3-4mB file (size of a 4 minutes song in mp3 format) is hard enough for Indonesian people. And for Depdiknas himself, they server don’t reliable and incapable to do that (we can see their server down).

Do you have a same problem about this, like me too?


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