Peppy's (Tawa Sutra) Brutal Act

I think you guys are knowing well with Peppy don’t you? The actor who played in comedy show Tawa Sutra with Budi Anduk. He had stature characteristics of hard with a sharp eye and a hideous beard. Have rough jokes style and easy to hit. Usually people say, the artist’s misbehavior on the TV just acting. In daily life, they are still ordinary people are fond laugh, humble, and so on.

In Peppy’s case, this proved wrong. Violent behavior in Tawa Sutra still brought in daily. He playing a kid just like his toys. This is not a simple chit-chat without any crosscheck. The validity of the Internet information is need to be checked. No pic, no source = Hoax (Nggak ada gambar dan sumber berarti palsu). So this is the proven pictures about Peppy’s brutality (click spoiler)

Hehe, becanda yah Pep, jangan marah. Buat lucu-lucuan doang kok. Ga dimasukin ke hati kan :peace:


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