Number 10 on Inter Milan Uniform

Do you know that the last player from Dutch which use shirt number 10 at FC Inter is David Bergkamp? And now, that number was given to Wesley Sneijder, a 25 year midfielder from Netherlands. Welcome Dutchman, Jose Maurinho (coach) need your talent on squad.

He (Maurinho) said that Sneijder completes the team (Inter Milan squad). Every department has been strengthened. A central defender (Lucio – Munchen), a man in midfield (Thiago Motta – Genoa), an attacking midfielder (Sneijder – Real Madrid), and a striker (Eto’o – Barcelona).


This morning (August 30 2009, Indonesian WIB current time), Inter Milan success beat AC Milan’s with outstanding score 4-0 on bloody derby. An amazing results because their opponents are “the king of Europe” which also has a great squad. That was totally humiliating for AC Milan.


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