HP Compaq Presario CQ40-337TU on Ubuntu 9.04 (2)

This the update information of my previous post. Overall, I feel satisfied with Ubuntu Jaunty on my CQ40-337TU. The 3D desktop running smoothly and sophisticated. All device work well, such Wi-Fi, optical drive, and webcam.

But, there is other problem which is very annoying. I read the manual about my laptop. It’s say that the battery life can reach about 4 hours 15 minutes. When I’m running Ubuntu on it, battery life can only reach about 2 hours (using 3D desktop effect, browsing activity, and USB wire modem attached).

I’ve try tweaking the power consumption. First, I adjusting display brightness into lowest level. Then, switch the processor volt into power save mode. I also turn of the desktop effect (same problem with Vista on Aero mode) and WiFi device. And I got about 3 hours.

Where’s another 1 hour? Any suggest for my laptop, or should I back to Vista the P1r4t3s 3d1t1on?


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