The Header Mascot

Old header illustration
Old header illustration

This is the mascot of my previous themes. A little narcis (but don’t intend to promote, cause I’m drawing it only with MSPaint -it’s kinda iseng work). If you like it, you can view the full screen image by clicking it and save it. On this occasion, I will tell you ( I think you don’t care either 😛 ) about my hobbies drawing something with MSPaint. Many things I draw with this software and as you can see on my pictures page on top navigation (include this header themes).

I have an old CPU in my office, which I use to make a book catalog. The software I used to input the data to database is based on DOS operating system. So, the old CPU is enough (still can play MP3 with winamp v.2). Oh btw, I have an ACDsee v3 installed on that machine.

In other way, I like drawing very much, and the only tools I have (with that CPU) is MSPaint and ACDsee’s filters and effects. Since that, I try hard to using MSPaint, until now. Maybe if my school giving me a good one computer, I’ll try to learn illustrator or Corel.


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