I’m Changing My Blog Themes

For many blogger, their “house” is the best way to express their personalities. The word “house” in here refers to our blog themes/appearance. In other side, themes appearance also giving characteristic to a blogger.  That mean (at least for me), a blogger should not change their themes in routine circumstances (We can see lot of seleb blog have a character in their themes, such Priyadi and Jay. They still using the same themes since 2005 which I think that is the first time I see their “house”.)

But, seems that I have to “lick my own saliva” (it’s an Indonesian language figure). I have to change my themes into a new one because I often online in my office using 800×600 monitor resolution ( I can’t change it to fit on me because I borrow other people computer. That will be rude to modifying it). Viewing my blog in 800×600 monitor resolution makes my eyes irritated.

Yesterday I was changing my themes into a new one (which you can see it right now). Still use the soft green as main color with special dropdown menu -made by int2k- in top navigation. It’s based on 800 x 600 monitor resolution. If you don’t know what is my old themes looks like, you can see it here

My Old Look Themes
My Old Look Themes

Many things I’ve done for this themes. Maybe in next post I’ll write a little tutorial with newbie style. Here’s the job list I’ve done: (1) adding a Gravatar functions without plugin (many plugin makes your site heavy to load), (2) adding WordPress caption (tutorial by Bloggingly), (3) adding related post plugin (based on our post tag), (4) adding –tell a friend– and –bookmark– button which inspired by kaskus forum (need javascript browser enabled), (5) moving small badges in the sidebar to footer. Still look mess but soon I’ll try to fix it.

PS: I’m taking the friendster background for my backdrop blog (run out of idea for it)


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