Stupid Election Ads

Many election ads nowadays can be seen on TV. Honestly, I don’t have any problem with those ads. I’m tolerating it because the election season getting close. But, the show frequent of those ads on TV which getting insane everyday makes me remember those bullshit words (mention a little fact for all achievement, promises a lot, fake assumption, etc). Out of control of my brain, I can remember those words. Democracy isn’t always about general election.

Now I’m getting sick with it. I try to change the TV channel, I still found another election ads. Changing it again into another, I still find a new one. They were everywhere, spread into every channel TV. Yaiks.


The main cause of my sickness is, the bullshit and rubbish of words which they use. It (the word) describing the TV audience as an idiot. I remember some ads sample, a woman saying “My father was bla.. bla… bla…” What’s the point? That was your father achieve mam, not yours?!?!? Another bullshit sample is by saying, “Our government was succeeded reduced the oil (premium) price for the prosperous of Indonesian people.” (off course that wasn’t the success of government increasing the economical stability or anything, that was because the oil price in global market was dropped). Or the very famous sentence, “Eat the food from Indonesian farmer.” Jeeezzzz

I hate those people? Not at all. I hate their liars. Deeming society as an idiot. Socialisasing it everywhere, non-stop. Make a new fake public opinion. But once again, the society wasn’t idiot.


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