The Old Japanese Guy in My Workplace Back to His Country

Around last July 2022, place where I worked, the arrival of employees from Japan. His name is Takashi, and he seems to be over 60 years old. I’ve told a little about him in the following writing.

Now, after more or less 8 months, Takashi will return to Japan. The boss at my place decided to hold a farewell party for Takashi.

At the event, Takashi was asked to give some words. In his speech, he said that time flies so quickly and didn’t feel he had to return to Japan.

At the end of the event, he gave door prizes of items that were no longer used or had not even been used. After the drawing was done, I got the number 二十九, which means 29.

The item that I got was a handkerchief. BNIB, and original from Japan, yai  πŸ˜†

29 bahasa jepang


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