My Favorite Tradisional Dining Places in Solo

If you have to go to Solo City, Indonesia, Central Java, you must be confused with where to eat there. There are many modern dining outlets in Solo, especially on Slamet Riyadi street, such as Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. So you don’t have to be worry.

balapan rail station

However, if you are looking for a traditional local eating place, I can give you some advice. There are many advantages you can get from Indonesian traditional local food, such as typical flavor foods at affordable prices.

Here is a list of eating place recommendations from me if you go to Solo City:

  1. Warung Makan Mbak Imah (Gladak)
    Located next to Gladak church. The menu is grilled / fried chicken and grilled / fried fish. Only open after evening until 22:00 o’clock.
  2. Sate Pak Kasdi (Solo Balapan Station)
    Just arrived in Solo in the morning? Simply exit the station and cross the road to the left a bit. The menu is sate and tongseng (goat). My favorite is sate buntel.
  3. Soto Gading (near keraton Kasunanan)
    Located on Jalan Brigjen Sudiarto No 75. The menu is chicken and meat soup. You can also combine them with various side dishes, such as empal, kikil, and others. There is also a solo mixed rice.

All these places are easy to reach because it is located on a beside big street. If you have an online motorcycle taxi application, it will be easier.


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