3rd Party App That Work with Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is Microsoft previous mobile operating system. They are now intensively work and promoting Windows Phone, which the latest version is Windows Phone 8, as their new mobile operating system together with Nokia and other hardware vendor.


How about Windows Mobile? Yap, Microsoft abandon their obsolete mobile OS and the effect, many built-in program don’t work anymore. That mean, all Windows Mobile user must find alternative app for their mobile phone.

I’ve made some list about those third party app that worked for Windows Mobile operating system. I hope my list can help you maximize the smartphone. Here is the list:

  1. Internet Messenger (IM), Slick and Utalk. Both has an ability integrating many social chat account.
  2. Internet Browser, Opera Mini and UCbrowser. More advanced browser render alternative, you can use Opera Mobile.
  3. Video Player, CorePlayer with some tweak adjusment. Set the video output to GDI.
  4. GPS software, Garmin Mobile XT.
  5. File Manager, the default app is still working. But if you want more power tools, you can try Total Commander or Resco File Explorer.
  6. Twitter Client, Panoramic moTweets to switch from not function default app.
  7. Music Player, Pocket Player Windows Mobile.
  8. SMS backup, scheduler, and send to many number, try PowerSMS.
  9. Ebook reader, allReader+ can read CHM and PDF format.
  10. Contact Backup, PPC PimBackup.
  11. Tweaker and Cleaner, SKTools.

If would be happy if you add some other list that worked with Windows Mobile. You can leave the comment bellow.


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