The Characteristic of Online Learner

If you plan to create e-learning based on internet, you must understanding the characteristic of online learner. These characteristics must exist within learners so that they can be successful in online learning.

elearning students

Nada Dabbagh in her book, Online Learning: Concepts, Strategies, and Application explain the characteristics of online learning as mentioned below:

  1. Familiar in using online technology
  2. Showing strong will to engage in group
  3. Understand interaction and collaboration
  4. Have self concept and control
  5. Have a strong academic self concept.
  6. Have experience in self-learning experience or a desire to acquire a particular skill.

I’ll give you an example about this. You may have give the task to your students, and ask them to send it via email. But when you received it, those assignments were taken from Wikipedia (cheating).

This is not the internet fault nor the teacher, but the student mentality are not well prepared to be an online learner. They don’t have self concept and control, or even desire to acquire knowledge.

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