Reviving An Old PC

Do you have an old PC inside your house? Perhaps it is inherited from your parents. Still function but the hardware specification can not running nowadays operating system, such XP or Windows 7?


Old PC are still can be used. Some we can see it on parking machine, cashier teller machine, wartel billing, internet router on warnet, etc. Offcourse the biggest problem if using an old machine is the lack support for hardware replacement and rare part.

Well if you have well condition machine and want to using it as a desktop machine and run 32 bit program on it, you can use Linux. Instead of using Windows 98, there are many specified Linux distro for legacy machine.

According to my post before, people can build specific distro linux based on their need. That’s what I call niche distro linux. There are many old computer spesific distro Linux on distrowatch which you can access it on here.


One of those old computer specific Linux distro I suggest is Puppy Linux. It can run well on 500mhz processor with 128mb of ram with many app on it. You can access the Internet, do office task, and play multimedia file.


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