Amazed and very disgusting. Is that really deeply damage the moral of Indonesian society? A chief of RT (ketua rukun tetangga) in Bogor molesting a 14-year-old child with baseless accusations, mobile phone and 1.3 million money thief. Very barbaric.

After beatings by people (twice), the boy treatment efforts were rejected by the hospitals because it was too severe (this is more barbaric). After the parent complaining to police and bring the referral paper, the hospital’s new willing to accept the boy. Unfortunately only briefly receive care, ill-fated boy died.

Of course, the moral damage occurs due to many factors. High cost of living due to economic pressures makes Indonesian people became very violent. Mentally not prepared for the invasion of cultural globalization exacerbates this part.


chronological (more at Media Indonesia).

  1. Molest, twice.
  2. Rejected by hospitals and dead
  3. End, sue perpetrators beatings


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