85% of Indonesian Journalists Don't Understand the Code Ethics of Journalistic

I just know if 85 percent of Indonesian journalists do not understand the journalistic code of ethics. That mean, only 25 percent news in our media (TV, newspaper, radio, internet, etc) can be included in valid category information to people. What do you think? I suggest that as an audience, we must always crosscheck the information too, not only receive it.

85 percent

I think blogging is still the best, free from any intend. Blogging environment can make a big wave.  One sample about this is Ibu Prita’s case. This is one of a manifest the winning of individual against company (previously, before the “wave”, Ibu Prita is always in desperate position).  Lets Go-Blog, become a self own journalist, become a smart reader.

Picture was edited to fit on my blog layout (without changing any content). You can fully read this news at kompas.


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